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Q:  What does Couture La Fleur mean?

A:  If you ask someone French, it means absolutely nothing!  If you ask us, it means high-end floral.  When we hear the word 'Couture' we think high-end luxury.  We combined the word 'Couture' with 'La Fleur' (which means 'flower') and that's how we came up with our name.  We also think it's sounds fancy en Francais! 

Q:  Will you ever have a retail location?

A:  Right now we're a small business so opening a store front doesn't make sense for us economically.  We also believe that the Couture La Fleur experience should be handled by us from start to finish.  This means hand delivering each box of flowers ourselves.

Q:  Will you ever deliver to areas outside of Calgary?

A:  As a small business we certainly have plans to grow.  We have currently limited our delivery service to Calgary but for a small fee we will deliver to surrounding areas.  Our plan is to take this Nationwide so email us if you'd like to see us in your city.

Q:  Do you do corporate orders?

A:  Absolutely.  If you're interested in having flowers delivered to a corporate address we've got you covered.  We can also set up recurring deliveries if you want a fresh box of floral on a weekly basis.  Email or contact us through our contact page and we can go over the specifics. 

Q:  Are flowers available to order for weddings or large events?

A:  Yes!  Our bouquets make amazing centerpieces and can be customized if you've got something specific in mind.  We need a little more time for large orders so please contact us through our contact page for more details.

Q:  Can I customize my arrangement?

A:  We definitely want to hear what vision you have for your bouquet.  Send us a note and if we can work something out then we'll do our best to accommodate you're request.

Q:  Why do the edges on some of the rose petals turn brown?

A:  These are called guard petals.  They will be more prevelant on light colored roses but simply remove the browning petals to allow for the inner petals to bloom.